There are many on the affordable VCM II clone available in the market, and what design is best to get? Any kind of tips in order to observe, you should look into the following areas to get reference.


(Examined) VCM II using this internet site is definitely confirmed working effectively.

This town VCM-II functions:

I could check it can appear to function faultless & already wifi made it possible for.


This town VCM-II functions:

It’s carried out most I’ve enquired off of the item, Pcm redesign, pump/inj discovers, config. Operates very good upon the w7 notebook computer and apple iphone.


Extra recommendations and tips upon VCM II:

Apart from your equipment differences somewhere between your clones, there may be program trouble…..

One more calibration DISC is definitely edition c81. One more (hacked) edition associated with ids is definitely 90.

You may install both and enjoy dealer degree diagnostics and module messages about 2011/2012 automobiles.


Subsequently edition associated with IDS demands online initial and calibration downloads.

There are many tricks/hacks which usually benefit from your a few day time leeway span after setting up.

But We have no idea whenever it'll download many of the calibrations…..


In the event you purchase a VCM (what ever edition an individual pretty) it is firmware should match when using the ids edition you wish to utilize.

Such as an individual purchase a affordable VCM clone generated for ids 90. After you upgrade in order to ids edition 91, you might want to redesign your VCM’s firmware…… An individual can’t do that having (the majority of) your clone; you might break the item on account of blacklisting or perhaps incompatibilities.


Therefore , the advice…… For anyone: go to your dealer for all you messages and get a improved elm327 when using the free forscan. org program.

Whenever you want a VCM; you will have to simply look at.


You should be watchful – posting a module isn’t very simple and if an individual go wrong or perhaps your IDS a person's making use of isn’t about nothing then you can render the vehicle unusable! Simply just don’t redesign most modules concurrently OBD2 Auto Scanner!

4729_P_1415006385456.jpg (600×600)

You might want to assist your battery that has a assist unit rather than a charger in order to deal with the amount of Amps shown. When the battery voltage declines below 12v your IDS will certainly decline comms and 1 / 2 means by a redesign will certainly empty your module.