Variation Among SKP-900, Essential Master M8, CK100 in addition to X100+:


SKP nine hundred Essential Programmer(piece range SK155)


Skp nine hundred Value: €549. 00


one particular) Skp900 is actually original, may replace from superobd official web page.

a couple of) SKP900 may talk with almost all motors around 2014, for instance 2014 range rover activity is actually acceptable, but is not almost all.

several) Absolutely no want pin value for most motors, may learn pin value for most autos.

4) SKP900 are capable of doing almost all essential lost also MB Star Compact C4.

5) SKP900 service Toyota Gary the gadget guy chip essential coordinating.

6th) Dialect accessible: Uk in addition to Colonial.


One of the keys Master M8(Piece range SK142)


Essential Master M8 may talk with outdated car or truck even before 2006 in addition to together fresh motors around 2013, may service a good number of kinds 2014. Essential master M8 will be the most powerful and most expensive essential programmer, it’s greatest with regard to expert locksmith who'll help make essential for most car or truck versions, plus it may replace on-line.


CK-100 Automobile Essential Programmer : Hottest era SBB(SK117 collection)


one particular) Hottest era SBB, weighed against Silca Sbb, CK-100 automobile essential programmer recently start being active . versions and perhaps tops around 2014. CK100 can be purchased by using several sorts of type, V99. 99, V45. 02 in addition to v45. 06.

a couple of) CK100 V99. 99 may service Lexus RX350 07-09, SBB can’t; CK100 V99. 99 tops Lexus SC430 02-10, SBB only cover 02-06; CK100 V99. 99 are capable of doing Corolla (MAY) from '09 to 2012, SBB around 09.

several) CK100 help make essential simply by plug 16pin cable connection by using OBD analysis socket, absolutely no want talk with computer system. It may possibly only reassure the common OBDII method autos. In case your car or truck is not ordinary 16pin connecter without ordinary OBDII method, work with T300.

4) CK100 offers 1024 tokens, once utilize it up, look at alter any chip through next that seller’s training.

Original X-100+ essential programmer

one particular) X100+ is actually original, may replace on-line.

4569_P_1414400458186.jpg (600×597)

a couple of) X100+ is actually hand-held essential programmer, absolutely no want talk with any computer system.

several) X100+ help make essential for any car or truck versions from The far east Car Diagnostic Scanners Tools, Indonesia, European countries in addition to The united states.

4) X100+ supports Toyota Gary the gadget guy Chip By using OBD, nonetheless no service almost all, several may, several can’t.

5) X-100+ downside: only Uk accessible.