New published!! Not too long ago, we autonumen internet site provide a new Star analysis pile of cash, C5 sdconnect having Panasonic tab. Mercedes BENZ C5 Xentry Hook up analysis interface (created by French ACTIA Corporation) and prepared by Panasonic Xentry-Tab, could test Engine, Transmission, cooling, SRS/ABS, anti-theft method and OBD-II method.


5078_P_1445909316326.jpg (1000×722)

(many of the serious fakes in this post reinforced by way of purchaser)

Benz C5 provides comprehensive analysis for your most recent crossbreed W222. But it incorporates a qualitative enhancement around equipment and program by authorization associated with analysis interface to regulate your program.


BENZ C5 SD Hook up Analysis Tool Feature:

Efficient analysis course and comprehensive motor vehicle list

Very simple and easy-to-use interface (UI)

High-performance Tab having 4G storage and tough luck. a few inch LCD hint filter

Advanced improved VCI+ conversation interface

Assist Wired/ cellular link

Include brand new Mercedes Benz styles.

BENZ C5 SD Hook up Analysis Tool Configuration variables

The whole pair of equipment configuration

you. Panasonic most recent widescreen tab.

couple of. The initial Xentry-Connect by ACTIA

a few. Mercedes Benz OBD2 analysis wire





Panasonic widescreen Xentry-Tab specialized variables:

you. COMPUTER ITSELF: glass windows 7

couple of. epitome of CPU: 4G

a few. Hard disk storage: 250G

some. tough luck. 3inch hint filter

Xentry-Connect (VCI+) Specialized Variables:

you. COMPUTER ITSELF: Glass windows Embedded Common 7(32bit)

couple of. Processor chip: ArrandaieCeleron P4500 oder P4505(38W TDP)

a few. Storage: 4G hard disk having 256GB SSD

some. Show: 128*64 PX

some. Battery: 45 seconds (As soon as CPU potential in order to 60%)

six. Fat: you. 9KG

7. Multilevel link: WLAN: IEEE802. 12 a/b/g/n2. 4+5GHZ.