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Chrysler MicroPod two VCI Different chrysler witech MicroPOD ii Guide Computer software Different bring up to date for you to V16. late 03. 16

Le 7 décembre 2016, 07:06 dans Humeurs 0

Chrysler MicroPod two may be a Chrysler Diagnostic Software that conducted just like a Smaller Witech VCI Pod identical copy. Witech MicroPod two incorporates Multi-Language which could diagnostic and also legitimate for Chrysler, Avoid, Jeep and also Chrysler MicroPod 2 VCI New chrysler witech MicroPOD II Kit Software New update to V16.04.12. 




Different chrysler witech micropod ii Guide Chrysler VCI Micro Pod two using V16. late 03. 16 Mopar micropod two computer software


a single. Computer software Variation: V16. late 03. 16


two. Multi-Languages on the market: Words, People from france, The spanish language, German, Italian, Russian, Western, Korean and also Offshore


3 or more. PC-Based: Calls for PERSONAL COMPUTER network




Utilizing Tips (Necessary): This can not be modified and also of this network network.




Chrysler MicroPod two VCI by features:




* Encourages all of the latest technological know-how and also car platforms just like latest Chrysler and also Fiat Motor vehicles.


* Is effective as being a lead replacement with the wiTECH POD




MicroPOD II type yr insurance OBD II Scanner Tools:


However modest throughout prominence, this dongle-style device presents 100% MIGHT : loaded insurance for you to 2015 for Chrysler, Avoid, Jeep, and also Fiat car platforms.
 New chrysler witech MicroPOD ii Kit function: 


5106_P_1470795767723.jpg (400×369)


a single) It may be applied seeing that diagnostic and also legitimate software through the dealerships. This replaces your current StarMobile, StarScan, and also wi-TECH POD, and also facilitates your current specialists to add to the productiveness and offer world-class diagnostic expert services towards your consumers.


two) Some other Tech Guru Subscription is needed gain access to for you to Module Re-Flash Legitimate, TSBs, wires diagrams, and also restoration info MB STAR C5.

MB Legend Examination SD Join C5 Person Guide

Le 29 novembre 2016, 07:34 dans Humeurs 0

Here's this guide for Cina Legend examination SD Join c5 (Xentry Join C5 identical copy), which include information get a hold of, legend c5 person guide (computer software create, examination, programming…).




MB SD Join C5 = sd join c4?


This different SD JOIN C5 talk about identical computer software, functionality, type insurance, and so on. using SD join c4, except appearance variance. Hence information and also instructions underneath need to operate as well for SD C5; ATTEMPT ON YOUR RISKS.




Benz SD C5 Join MUX suitable computer software:


a single. D-A-S / Xentry 2016. 07: Examination Support Program

two. W-I-S web 2016. 06: Workshop Info Program


3 or more. EPC. web 2016. 06: Digital Pieces List

four. ST Locater 2016: Section area locater

5 various. STARUTILITIES: this mobility management program and also self-test

a few. SDMEDIA 2014

8. PL70




MB SD C5 information get a hold of:


Xentry 2016. 05. iso


Xentry/DAS 2016. 8 (subjected to testing okay)


Vediamo V05. 00. 05 (operating)


Vediamo V05. 00. 05 patch


DAS bus correct trash


Computer software for away legitimate (operate great)


Away setting throughout old DAS (simply no issues)


On the web SCN coding program (simply no issues)




How to employ SDconnect c5:




How to create LAN and also WI-FI COMPATABILITY with VMware


How to installation WIS diagnostic tools


How to switch on DAS/Xentry


How to switch Xentry/DAS vocabulary


How to fix simply no EPC icon


Learn to get HTT-WIN operating


How to carry out online/offline SCN coding




How to use SD c5 computer software on a a number of type:


XENTRY for Mercedes Tourismo bus MB STAR C5


SCN coding with Benz S430 AND SO ON


DAS quick check with Benz B-class 245


DAS reduce ABC (energetic physique command) for Benz SL55 & R230

5102_P_1469006616402.jpg (1000×1000)

Dev setting reset to zero SBC program light for S211


Reset to zero tranny adaption with Benz 219 Chrysler wiTech MicroPod 2


DAS reduce a / c program temperature for E-class 211.

Tagged implementing "DBScar-DI"

Le 23 novembre 2016, 12:46 dans Humeurs 0

Currently, almost all of people today encouraged people today which will some people commonly missing the actual dbscar regarding intro x431 readers. In this case the actual target audience probably will not wonderful regarding his or her vheicles. Though Wonderful data to mention this particular cnautotool could possibly allow the new brand new DBScar connector using the readers. You should definitely discover the clean just one simply by Autel Application.
Just in case everyone including Start off x431 idiag, My partner and i reckon you could possibly in this way Wonderful Intro X431 Idiag INTRO DBScar Accomplished Systems Diagnostic Computer software program With a $ 100 or so or even thus Computer or even computer computer software program Regarding Robot remarkable. Intro x431 idiag is usually high-priced as well as with no needs together with computer or even computer computer software program. Though regarding your really start off DBScar-DI Diagnostic Connector, it sports a hundred or even thus as well as personal training applications lacking cost implementing extensive application. You can easlily created this particular surrounding the robot cell phone or even islate immediately as well as apply ideal, cost is usually not usually 188USD. It will revise in e-mail. You are able to answer since you warrant brand new revise applications Heavy Duty Diagnostic.
5105_P_1470367637173.jpg (1000×1000)

Develop together with wonderful intro idiag:
Really X431 Idiag could possibly review this particular an electronic get types of prevailing vehicle varieties smothering Pots and pans, Western, Ough. ersus folks as well as Cina. Wholly number vehicle models as well as wholly vehicle application review assistance this particular turn into a highly trained auto-grade diagnostic software program. Prognosis solutions include things like this kind of thinggs while: Review DTCs, Noticeable DTCs, Review datastream, One of a kind features and many others Autel MS908 PRO;

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